1st Pact Worshop : Grips

“If Leonardo Da Vinci lived today, he would have been a grip!”

A 70 hours course for those interested in working alongside a Director of Photography. For those who are looking at a profession that requires technical knowledge and can provide quick and intelligent solutions.
In the Grips Workshop the participants will be taught:
– The secrets of Grip specialty from renowned instructors from the French film school Ecole Louis Lumière (www.ens-louis-lumiere.fr/en/)
– How to use all the equipment in real shooting conditions.

Prepare your resume and a brief note on why you would like to become a grip and submit it here, up to 11/12/2022 
The training will be held in English and the seminars will be offered for FREE.

Knowledge and use of grip tools (to place or to move the camera and to place the lighting equipment)
Gesture and posture § Management of the equipment
Capacity of setting up special systems on different sets (camera cars, dollies, etc.)
Capacity of executing camera movements

BLOCK 1 INTRO = 1 day/7 hours
Mechanics, safety standards, good gestures
The team: role of key grip and grips. Delegation of work.

BLOCK 2 CAMERA MANAGEMENT = 3 days/21 hours
Management of camera placement and movements
The equipment related to the shooting: Tripods, dolly tracks, cranes, telescopic arms, remote controlled cranes, off-set arms, hang bars, limpets for cameras, camera cars, on-board camera
(speed grip) – assistance with camera stabilization systems: Steadycam, Easy Rig, Stabilizers.
Camera movements: performing movements such as dollies, crane movements, hand-held camera
assistance (of various types), on-board camera, etc.
Modern systems, research: miniaturization, programming, modeling

Setting up systems for hanging and placing light sources
Bridges, cherry pickers, lifting equipment
Truck loading and unloading techniques, installation and dismantling
Wood, metal… Temporary and efficient setup

BLOCK 4 PRACTICAL WORKSHOP = 2 days/14 hours
Setting up different configurations for camera movements and lighting setups.

Following the instructions of director of photography and in agreement with cameraman and the
gaffer, the grip team will set up an installation allowing the implementation of projectors and the execution of camera movements combining different techniques.
Critical viewing of the rushes.

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